Saturday, 24 January 2009

Iona: Sense of Place Residential Poetry writing course

Some of my former OLL students have asked me to organize a residential writing course (poetry or short prose) somewhere inspiring, so where more inspiring than Iona?
14th-19th September, 2009

There will be places spare for anyone interested in coming along, (see website below):

Many of you have probably been to Iona - possibly many times. I have been many times and never tire of it. There is a special atmosphere on Iona, mystical, remote and an intense silence (once the last ferry of tourists has left for the day) and with no cars allowed on the island, apart from a few local ones. The light is clear, the landscape sparse, with stunning long white beaches and breath-taking views of Ben Mor on the east and open sea to the west .There you can empathise with the early monks who felt they were on the edge of the known world.....
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