Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wee Nippy Sweeties on Glasgow Subway, Clockworks' project

After the highs of StAnza, some low news (low as in the Glasgow Metro/Subway/Underground). I learned today that my poem 'Wee Nippy Sweeties' has been selected to go up in a carriage of said Glasgow Subway. The project is run by 'Clockworks' named after the subway's nickname: the 'Clockwork Orange' ...

and googling the origins of this nickname, I have discovered that no locals call it that, but never mind. Most of its carriages were painted orange, although called Strathclyde PTE red because of the sectarian connotations of Orange in Glasgow (a step and a hop from N.I.) but anyway, new carriages are now painted in carmine and cream, with a thin orange band. The wonders of wikipedia also informed me of the Subcrawl (visiting pubs near each stop and to complete the entire set takes a whole day) and subsurfing, where said sub/pub crawlers must stand in the aisles balancing without holding onto any straps or poles, probably increasingly impossible as the subcrawling goes on.

Well, well. The times I have travelled on the Glasgow Metro and not known this. Journeys will be more amusing now and possibly sweeter - do look out for my poem 'Wee Nippy Sweeties'.


Jean said...

Well Done Stephanie. Can we see the poem sometime?

Cheers Jean

Stephanie Green said...

Hi Jean.
Thanks. It will be published in an anthology/book form in April, then up on the subway. I thought I might publish it on this Blog then, but reconsidering, think it would be better not to, so people can have the fun of coming across it on the train! At least for a while. I might reconsider yet again at a later date.
Best, Steph

Stephanie Green said...

Wee Nippy Sweeties can now be viewed on my writer's website. See link to the right. Then click on Poems in the index.Stephanie

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