Friday, 17 May 2013

Callum Macdonald Award 2013 for Stewed Rhubarb

Rachel McCrum and James T. Harding at the Callum Macdonald Award ceremony , 2013 at the National Library of Scotland.
The youngest,  most snazzy, cool etc words fail me new publishing house, Stewed Rhubarb, won the Callum Macdonald Award last night (over the work of more established poetry houses and poets* See below) with their publication 'The Glassblower Dances'- the poetry by Rachel McCrum and cover design by James T. Harding.  So hurrah for the judges, Tessa Ransford, Lyndsay Duncan, Lady Marks, Alistair Peebles and Tom Dalgleish for rewarding young talent.

 Stewed Rhubarb, started over late night discussions, fueled by ginger wine it is rumoured,  hit the scene with this pamphlet - but many more have followed over the year, often launched with  rhubarb-coloured or rhubarb flavoured beverages -  publishing the best, spoken-word/performance poets around in Scotland.  After this, I'm sure they'll be bombarded with submissions from all over.

Meanwhile, the poet, Rachel also gets to go to the Harvard Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece, visiting ancient ruins, and attending academic talks on literature, myth, history, archaeology etc all to promote Scottish/Greek cultural relationships.    Maybe some mythic poems will result. As Lady Marks said in her speech, Lord Byron started it all off.

Oh, as I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm a bit of a fan.  The fact that James is my son may have something to do with this but great to see it's not just his mum who thinks Stewed Rhubarb is great.
For more about them, and pix of more covers:
The 2013 Shortlist:

  • Hansel Cooperative Press and Woodend Publishing for 'Reflections' by Yvonne Gray and John Cumming
  • Happenstance Press for 'After the creel fleet' by Niall Campbell
  • Mariscat Press for 'On time' by Donald Mackay
  • New Voices Press for 'Holding' by Maggie Rabatski
  • Roncadora Press for 'Nest' by Tom Pow and Hugh Bryden
  • Stewed Rhubarb Press for 'The glassblower dances' by Rachel McCrum.

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