Thursday, 18 January 2018

Berlin Umbrella

Berlin du bist so Wunderbar. Berlin you are so wonderful. Tourist river boat on Spree.

                          Poetry by Stephanie Green and Sound by Sonja Heyer                                                                            A Poetry and Sound walk with Sound Umbrella
                                              Berlin Umbrella,
                                            will be available at
                                  Viktoria Park, Kreuzberg, Berlin
                       on Sundays 3rd, 10th and 17th June, 2018 from 2-6pm.
                                 6 different sequences. Do one or more.
                                      7 mins each. Total lasts 45 mins.

                           Collect umbrella at Cafe Golgatha. FREE but deposit for umbrella.

                          Under the auspices of lettretage Literature House.

If you are in Berlin, come along. Pick up an umbrella (available on site) and listen to poetry on the theme of water to the sound of water recordings from a tiny loudspeaker within the umbrella whilst walking alongside the river through the park.

Friedrichshagen 19th c Water Pumping Station
 The 6 different sequences are inspired by aspects relating to the river Spree - geological and ecological, folklore and history.  Ranging from glacial origins to cholera epidemics, 19th c water 'palaces' (pumping stations), Nazi atrocities and Cold War tragedies up to the fall of the Berlin wall and contemporary issues,  the poems are interwoven with natural water sounds recorded at the exact spot in places mentioned in the poetry including the source of the river in the Lausatian mountains, the 'old wheezer' pump at Friedrichshagen 19th c Pumping Station  and the river bank where Rosa Luxemburg's corpse surfaced.

See visit Berlin  Viktoriapark

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