Monday, 6 February 2012

Bard in the Bog

Photo from Shetland Islands Council

What an honour. I'm delighted to learn I will be a Bard in the Bog!

One step up from poems displayed in a window pane maybe.

Now I shall have to return to Shetland to see it in situ/in sitting. Yes, it is what you're thinking: a poem displayed in a public toilet. A competition judged by Jen Hadfield and library staff. The first time this competition was run in 2009 the poems were published in a book which raised over £1200 for a water sanitation charity. How great is that? Not just a project for fun.

Mine will appear in April. Others before that. All 12 selected poems will be up on the website of Shetland Islands Council before long. Posters available too. I'll post the poem on my website when it's up in a bog - which precise one I don't yet know.

Now there's another reason you have to go to Shetland.

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