Friday, 22 August 2008

All that Jazz

August, 2008 A segue from poetry. Confession time? OK. My secret love is... singing jazz. Having done the Fionna Duncan vocal jazz course last year (2007) and not able to get a note out, what with nerves, total ignorance of diaphrams and other parts of the anatomy only known to singers, my performance was credited as the 'bravest' (jazz speak for 'at least you didn't cop out of the gig at the last minute'). Amazingly (general stupidity) I did not realize there was a performance at the end of the course - I thought it was just workshops. Anyway, due to being blown away by all the jazzers, the tutors, Fionna Duncan, (grand lady of Scottish jazz), the lovely Sophie Bancroft and Liane Carroll who is the kindest most unDiva-like and generous of special people,(as well as being the Biggest name in Jazz in the UK) I have just completed the course again and this time able to get a note out. Wow. Of course, this is not just the result of a week's course but a year's lessons with wonderful, patient teacher, Sophie Bancroft. Check out the photos c/o click on Photos, then All that Jazz. And you can hear downloads of my favourite singers by clicking on my list of MySpace/music audio excerpts. No, you will not find me on MySpace. Come on. Get real. As Fionna says 'this is just the start of a journey.'

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