Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Seven Words for Winter in Greenlandic (Kalaallisut)

The most original, fantastic Christmas card I have received this year has been from my friend, Nancy Campbell which is in the form of a poem using Kalaallisut, the Greenlandic language, (a language facing extinction). With her permission, I quote it here for you:

Seven Words for Winter

ukiigatta last winter.
ukioq the winter; the whole year.
ukiukkut in winter; during the year.
ukiuuppaa the winter came upon her before she
reached home, or finished building her house.
ukiorippoq she has a good winter; it is a good winter.
ukiorpoq the winter has come.
ukiortaak the new year.

Nancy Campbell
Nancy was writer in residence in Greenland last year and you can read a fascinating account on her blog. More about her poetry and artist books

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