Wednesday, 6 April 2011

StAnza 2011: Artist's Books, Roncadoro Press

One of the highlights of the StAnza festival this year for me was discovering the wonderful Roncadoro Press. Initially I was attracted to their stall at the pamphlet fair, as I wanted to buy my friend, Jean Atkin's latest book. And what a find! This is a lovely book, with moving poems, full of the sound of the wind and sea, by Jean, inspired by her Shetlandic ancestry, of sailors and shipwrecks, hardship and emigration, with evocative, atmospheric illustrations by Hugh Bryden, who runs Roncadoro Press.

Jean's book, 'Lost at Sea', is available in three editions: a paperback printed version, a hard-back printed version and a case-bound edition, of the original artwork, a collage with Japanese hand-made paper scrunched to suggest the wild Shetland seas. Above is a single, framed page from this book, part of an exhibition of the Press's other Artist's Books in the Preservation Trust Museum.

As you'll see, each book is different but Hugh's interest is in graphic design, whether woodcuts (reminiscent of Masreel) or fine pencil. All 'Black and White', as the exhibition was called. Not all are 'books'. Some are fold-out one poem paper concertinas.

So far, the poets in his 'stable' are Andrew Forster, Hugh McMillan, Rab Wilson, as well as Jean Atkin.

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DG Arts said...

Don't know how I missed this lovely post! Thank you for your kind words and lovely photos Steph. :)

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