Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sense of Place Renga at Botanics


Being the end of term session of my Sense of Place course, why not a sociable, collaborative Renga - linked haiku-like stanzas and since rain might not be far away, we took shelter in the Temperate Palm House, a 19th c magnificent conservatory in the Royal Botanical Gardens. Some even ventured out into the gardens, braving potential fall-out of volcanic ash.

I can't say we followed a very strict interpretation of Renga - we kept to the spring/early summer season we are in and used the direct experience of the place. And I ducked out of the role of Renga Master - much more interesting for the students to take it in turns to organize and reorganize the resulting sequences and savour the differing results.

It was fun and maybe we reached a zen place. The soup and rolls in the cafe were good too.
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