Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Burns Window Poems

The challenge to think of a new way to celebrate Burns (Burns Night is fast approaching, on 25th January, as you no doubt know) has been wonderfully thought up by Hugh Bryden of Roncadora Press and David Borthwick, a lecturer at Crichton Campus, University of Glasgow, who have asked poets around Scotland and all over the world, local people and schoolchildren in Dumfries to write a Burns-inspired, contemporary poem to fit on a window pane on various houses throughout Dumfries- Burns himself scratched a poem on the Globe, a local pub's window with a diamond. Hugh supplied a transparent plastic sheet and special pen to write our poems on.

My friend Jean Atkin who lives near Dumfries has photos on her blog of some of the resulting poems which are now up. Mine included!
Burns Window Poems. Photo by Jean Atkin.

If you can't read my poem above in the photo, here it is:

My Luve.

O, my luve is like a sleekit beastie
That nibbles on fingers and toes.
O, noo he's crept intae my hert,
He's dearer than ony rose.

Local newspaper article here http://www.dgstandard.co.uk/dumfries-news/local-news-dumfries/local-news-dumfriesshire/2012/01/20/burns-window-art-catches-on-51311-30159021/

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