Monday, 9 March 2015

StAnza Launch of Flout, 2015

                             Stephanie Green and Davina (D.A.) Prince, StAnza, 2015
            (We were coincidentally colour co-ordinated but I assure you there was no prior consultation.)

Back home from StAnza - exhausted but elated!  How terrific to launch my pamphlet at StAnza of all festivals - a festival I have been attending for about 9 years and latterly as a member of the StAnza volunteer team as Guest Blogger and photographer for 2 years and so to step from floor to stage was a special thrill.

And what a great pleasure to meet D.A. Prince, learn that D stands for Davina and read with her at a Border Crossings event at StAnza Poetry Festival, both of us launching our latest books - Flout by me, and 'Common Ground' by Davina.  Her poetry as well as Davina herself has a lovely sense of humour and great warmth and humanity.

Our event was sold out, and all available copies of my pamphlet sold out.  The Book Stall attendant  had to run over to Innes Bookshop and collect more - and they sold out too. (More can be purchased online via the HappenStance website, of course.) Davina sold a fair whack too.

So thanks to everyone who came and supported us. I was very touched to see so many 'well-kent' (i.e. well-known) faces in the audience, friends, family and former students. Practically everyone I have met at StAnza over the years was there whether  fellow poets, workshoppers, or just poetry lover members of the audience,  StAnza staff and volunteers - and those who couldn't make it for various reasons - (e.g. introducing another event) came over later and apologized, promising to buy the pamphlet.  'Did I happen to have any spare copies?' Well, er, hm,  it just so happened, I could rifle in my bag and produce a few! I had ordered some 'author' copies - intended for future readings.....will have to order a few more now for the upcoming readings in Culross, Glasgow, Edinburgh and 'Platform' (Ladybank).

Some great poets at StAnza this year, as ever. My highlights were Ilya Kaminsky and Ian Duhig, Sinead Morrissey, Bill Manhire and the melodious, wickedly witty Kei Miller....and a final fun  memory - dancing with Eleanor Livingstone at the end of festival party.

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