Friday, 19 July 2019

West Cork Literary Festval Fringe at Organico

So thrilled to  read at Organico cafe, Bantry as part of the West Cork Literary Festival Fringe on 18th July. 
A good crowd came, including many locals since Organico is well known for the varied and fascinating Fringe programme they have hosted for many years and also my fellow poets on the Festival Poetry Course run by Liz Berry. I invited these poets to also read a poem each after my event. (Organico happy about this. It's very hang loose here.) Here is a photo of the poets on this 'magical' course:

 L to R Back row: Angela Carr, Judith Janoo,
           Maree Coveney, Elish Stanley, Eliz Ryan, Frank Farrelly,
    Collette Colfer;
                                        L to R front row: Marie Haugh,  Liz Berry (tutor), Rachel Parry and me.

Owned and run by Rachel and Hannah Dare the cafe was manically busy at lunch time during the festival as it serves scrummy wholefood ('organic' of course) salads plus delicious cakes.

Family friendly and community oriented, the cafe also puts on events all year round and most interesting is the Death Cafe which Rachel told me about.  It is an event where people in grief for a recent death, or even after several years, can meet to share their feelings.  Rachel and Hannah thought it would only be a one-off event, but such was its popularity, they have been requested to put it on again several times.

                                         Me and Rachel Dare outside Organico, Bantry.

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