Saturday, 14 March 2020

Berlin Umbrella comes to StAnza 7-9th March, 2020.

Sonja Heyer and I outside the Byre Theatre, centre of the Scottish Poetry Festival, at St Andrews.

Everyone came up and enthused saying how much they enjoyed the poetry/walk.  We had sun, but one windy day when a few umbrellas fell victim, turning inside out, one rainy day but that didn't matter as they are real umbrellas.

                                  A punter listens to Berlin Umbrella in the Byre courtyard,
                                                     sheltered from the wind.

                                The Meet the Artists event led to a lot of hand waving -
                                in the background on the wall are Valerie Coffin Price's artwork
                                inspired by my poetry in Berlin Umbrella and accompanying
                                Sonja whilst she made natural water sound recordings.

                                        Stephanie holding forth on the process and development
                                                                of the poetry.
                                         Valerie on the artwork.

                                              on the Sound Art.

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