Saturday 30 September 2023

Ortelius' Sea Monsters wins the Alastair Reid Prize.


So delighted to win the Alastair Reid 2023 (Wigtown Book Festival) Poetry prize.

Wigtown's Facebook page says:

Alastair Reid Pamphlet Prize

Named in memory of one of Scotland’s foremost literary talents, this recognises a collection of work rather than individual poems. The prize is for the work to be set as a pamphlet by Gerry Cambridge and published by the Wigtown Festival Company.

  • Winner: Ortelius’s Sea Monsters, by Stephanie Green

Donald S Murray, the judge, said: “‘Ortelius’ Sea-Monsters’ is outstanding in terms of its source of inspiration and the varied ways in which the writer examines the fantastical beings to which the reader is introduced within its pages. I relished each encounter, fascinated by the different ways in which each creature is described. This is a work which is a triumph both for the writer’s imagination and their wide and surprising range of poetic skills.”

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