Monday, 7 May 2012

Poetry in a Persian Tent: the Festival of Spirituality and Peace, 2012

 22nd-26th August, 2012:  11am-12pm

The Edinburgh Festival may seem a long way off, but this is advance notice of a very exciting event bubbling away in the planning stages:  a series of one hour poetry readings over five days in a Persian Tent cafe, behind St John's Church, Princes St., as part of FoSP, one of the many festivals that runs concurrently with the International, Book and Fringe.

 Some leading poets have agreed to read, plus some up-and-coming poets from all round Scotland and beyond - there'll be three poets per day. Names to be confirmed in due course. Meanwhile, check out

Come and hear a spot of poetry, whilst reclining on a silken cushion (or not, if you prefer. It's not compulsory), imbibing light refreshments.  There may be some musical interludes between the words. What better way to recharge your batteries for the hurly-burly of those other possibly more frenetic festivals.

This event is in the wake of the tremendous poetry reading being organized by Liz Lochhead and Jim Carruth to raise money for an Old  MacDonald Farm for Africa project, on May 18th at the Glasgow Arts Club. As Young MacDonalds, our events too will raise money for the same project.

If you can't attend the Poetry in the Persian Tent readings, then please donate as generously as you can via clicking on this link:

                                                           An Old MacDonald Farm for Africa
                                                                                              Photo credit: Steven Simon/Oxfam

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