Sunday, 10 June 2012

Wee Nippy Sweeties

A copy of 'Clockworks' with my poem 'Wee Nippy Sweeties' arrived through the post this week.  Great to be published in the company of stories (flash or short) by illustrious writers such as Alan Bissett, Zoe Strachan and Louise Welsh.  I gather the booklet is to be distributed throughout carriages on the Glasgow Subway - the pieces not to be framed on the wall along with the adverts, as I had originally thought.

The pieces are various lengths - timed as one stop, two or even up to seven stop pieces, meaning the time it takes to read.  People are requested not to take the book home but leave it for other travellers.
Well, we'll see how long that altruistic plan lasts!

Look out for it if you take the Clockwork (Subway).

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