Sunday, 17 June 2012

Stellar line-up for Poetry in the Persian Tent/Old MacDonald charity event, Festival of Spirituality and Peace, 2012

St John's Church, Edinburgh, 22nd-26th August, 11am-12pm

Poetry in the Persian Tent, has gone Mega. Ballistic! Hyperbolical words fail me.. The line-up of poets who have agreed to perform has, day by day, got better and better, grown, indeed like Topsy,  until the final programme is quite staggering:

Liz Lochhead
Photo credit: Norman MacBeath
Jackie Kay

                                                          Scotland's Makar, Liz Lochhead, and  Jackie Kay, our  two 'national
John Glenday
Photo credit: 
John Glenday, short-listed for the international mega-prize, the Griffin (dare I say, even more prestigious than the T.S. Eliot),
Vicki Feaver, whose visceral poetry has a terrific fan-base, 
Aonghas MacNeacail, our leading Gaelic poet and  Stewart Conn, well-known and well-loved, former Edinburgh Makar are our headliners, a different one each of the five days...(though Liz is performing twice.)
plus other rising stars and up and coming poets from all round Scotland and musical interludes from a varied and brilliant range of musicians and singers.

Vicki Feaver
Photo credit: Alisdair Young

Stewart Conn
Photo credit: Jemimah Kuhfield
and mind, they are all performing without a fee, as it's for a wonderful charity (Old MacDonald had a Farm for Africa/Oxfam).
Many, many thanks to them all.
Aonghas MacNeacail
Photo credit: Kevin MacNeil

See the event web-site for the schedule of performers : Poetry in the Persian Tent

There's  a Facebook page so do send it round all your poetry-loving friends.
Poetry in the Persian Tent

Booking opens in a few days.  Book early.
All booking details on the event web-page: Poetry in the Persian Tent
Further info on the full festival of Spirituality and Peace on

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